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Blood-soaked woman who ran to police in Ballymena claims she was stabbed by her husband, court is told


Police at the scene of the incident at Warden Street in Ballymena

Police at the scene of the incident at Warden Street in Ballymena

Presseye/Stephen Hamilton

Police at the scene of the incident at Warden Street in Ballymena

Police saw a woman "covered in blood" running towards them on a street following an alleged stabbing, a court has heard.

Ioan Gabor (43), with an address listed as Warden Street in Ballymena, appeared at Ballymena Magistrates Court yesterday charged with causing grievous bodily harm with intent to his wife - who is believed to be in her 40s - on Tuesday evening.

He is also accused of being disorderly in a public place, namely Warden Street, and assaulting a police officer.

The court heard Gabor's wife alleged he stabbed her, however the defendant denies the charges, alleging that gashes measuring up to 8cms long on his wife's arm were caused by herself.

The defendant had the assistance of a Romanian interpreter in court.

A prosecutor said Gabor had no record, but there had been a domestic violence log.

A detective constable told the court she believed she could connect the defendant to the charges.

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Opposing bail, she said police were on duty at Warden Street in Ballymena on October 29 when they observed a woman who appeared to be in distress running towards them along with a young female.

One of the females was "covered in blood" and a male was following them, who also had blood on him.

Gabor's wife had cuts to her arms and her 14-year-old daughter was present.

The prosecutor said initially the woman, who spoke little or no English, was unable to give an account to police.

The police officer said Gabor was arrested and began shouting in the street and being verbally abusive to police and he kicked out at an officer.

The detective constable told the court both the woman and daughter were taken to Antrim Area Hospital for treatment, and when police spoke to the alleged injured party she claimed Gabor had had a knife in his hand and he stabbed her.

As well as cuts, the woman had muscle and tendon damage and surgery may be needed. She also had an injury to her thumb and upper arm, the court was told.

The officer said the daughter did not have to be admitted to hospital.

The court heard Gabor denied the allegations and told police his wife stabbed herself.

The officer objected to bail, saying the complainant was a "high-risk victim" and there was a fear that if released Gabor would commit further offences.

The detective said the defendant was not supposed to have been residing at Warden Street.

District Judge Nigel Broderick said a domestic violence log showed there had been a "very similar" incident earlier this year in which reference was made to a knife.

The officer added there had been a withdrawal statement in that case.

A defence barrister said that "unusually" there was no police bodycam footage in relation to the October 29 incident, adding that a formal statement had yet to be taken from the complainant. The lawyer said Gabor wasn't living at Warden Street and it was a "one-off visit" because of an issue regarding a family member.

He said the defendant had a clear record and there was one incident on a domestic violence log. He had been held in custody before being released when that case did not proceed, the barrister said.

Judge Broderick said the previous incident and the apparent presence of the defendant at the Warden Street address concerned him.

He said he was satisfied there was sufficient evidence to connect the defendant to the charges "given the oral complaint made by the complainant" and he was concerned about the mention of a knife in the previous case.

Refusing bail, the judge said there was a risk of further offending and a risk of interference with the complainant or witnesses and there did not appear to be a suitable bail address.

Gabor was subsequently remanded in custody and the case was adjourned to the end of November.

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