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Bloody Sunday relatives horrified by ex-soldier's 'job well done' quip

Donna Deeney

By Donna Deeney

The brother of a teenager killed by paratroopers in Londonderry on Bloody Sunday has described as "stomach-churning" comments by one soldier present on the day who said it was a "job well done".

Relatives of the victims said they were deeply angered and horrified by the lack of remorse shown by one of the soldiers facing possible prosecution over his actions.

The comments come a week before the Public Prosecution Service (PPS) announces whether it will prosecute soldiers involved in the killing of 14 people and wounding of around a dozen others on Bloody Sunday.

'Soldier O' also told the BBC he would do the same again and described everyone taking part in the Civil Rights March through Derry on January 30, 1972, as criminals, because they did not have permission to hold the event.

John Kelly, whose brother Michael (17) was the youngest person to die on the day, said he is even more determined to see him in a courtroom dock.

Mr Kelly said: "It was stomach-churning to hear what Soldier O said. I was so angry I really had to struggle to calm myself down and in fact I am still seething.

"It certainly gives an example of what we have been dealing with and the mindset of these people. That has made me more determined to see these people in the dock."

Mr Kelly's determination to see prosecutions after watching Soldier O's interview was shared by Kate Nash, whose brother William (19) died on Bloody Sunday and whose father was among the wounded.

She said: "I was horrified listening to what this soldier said about how he considered Bloody Sunday as a job well done.

"Neither I nor my sister Linda slept a wink, we were so distraught, we sat up most of the night talking about it.

"It disturbs your mind when you realise there are people like him in this world who have no remorse whatsoever even though he now accepts there were some innocent people on the march.

"They were all innocent but he then said he would do the same thing again. I wouldn't like to think he would have access to a gun today.

"This man boasted that he did not co-operate with the police, did not answer their questions and yet he has plenty to say when there's a television camera pointed at him.

"If he is as free from guilt as he thinks he is, he could have said that to the police," she said.

"Whatever the PPS decides next week, that man has made me more determined than ever to seek prosecutions."

John Kelly, whose brother Michael was killed on Bloody Sunday
John Kelly, whose brother Michael was killed on Bloody Sunday
Bloody Sunday

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