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BNP boss Nick Griffin 'is for Larne'

By Liam Clarke

An anti-fascist website has predicted that Nick Griffin, the leader of the far right British National Party, will show up at an afternoon-long programme of events in Larne this weekend.

The Hope Not Hate site reports: "BNP leader Nick Griffin is expected to make an appearance in the town of Larne in Northern Ireland tomorrow, where there is to be a commemoration of the landing by the SS Clyde, delivering 25,000 guns and three million rounds of ammunition to the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) in 1914."

Hope Not Hate comprises an educational charity and a campaigning arm both of which oppose extremism and racism.

Mr Griffin is the chairman of the BNP and is MEP for North West England.

In September 2012 he angered many when he joined the crowd at the centenary of the signing of the Ulster Covenant at Stormont and tweeted derogatory comments about 'Fenians'.

He later claimed he hadn't meant Catholics in general, but only active republicans.

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