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Boards back police action

The acting chairman of the Policing Board has spoken out in support of police tactics deployed against the disorder in the Ardoyne area over the Twelfth period

Following a detailed brief given by the Chief Constable Matt Baggott on Monday evening, July 26, Mr Brian Rea welcomed the 38 arrests that had been made.

Mr Rea said: “Those who perpetrated this recent spate of violence are a small minority who are intent on dragging us back to the past. Having questioned the Chief Constable on the police operation put in place to deal with the serious disorder, Board Members were unanimous in their support of the tactics the police used.

“The Board also welcomes that 38 people have now been arrested to date in connection with the disorder.

“The cost of this operation to the public purse and in terms of injuries to officers is not acceptable and the Board agrees with the Chief Constable that there needs to be a robust approach to dealing with this violence. Members are also concerned that children as young as eight were involved in the rioting in Ardoyne and are fully supportive of measures the PSNI, alongside Social Services, plan to put in place to tackle this serious problem.

“The strong community condemnation has been welcomed by the Board; however this needs to be built on and as a society we need to work to ensure that these scenes are not repeated next year.”

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