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'Body cam' plans for police officers on the frontline

By Deborah McAleese

All frontline police officers could soon be kitted out with body-worn cameras to capture evidence at crime scenes.

A pilot scheme in Co Londonderry has so far led to 16 successful prosecutions, including one in a domestic violence case, according to a Policing Board member.

The trial was launched in June following Policing Board concern over low prosecution rates in domestic abuse cases.

The PSNI is now considering rolling out the scheme across Northern Ireland. The cameras would cost up to £1.65m, followed by further costs of £480,000 over four years.

Policing Board performance committee chairman Jonathan Craig said he was hopeful every frontline officer would be kitted out with a 'body cam' by the end of the year.

"We cannot ignore the benefits of this. The use of such kit can be of benefit to both officers and victims by providing vital evidence of crimes," he said.

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