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Bogus crash man faces £10k bill

A man jailed for staging a motoring accident to make a bogus insurance claim has lost his legal challenge against being denied a payout for another crash.

Insurance company lawyers accused Seamus Gillen (46) of setting up the collision near his home in Pomeroy, Co Tyrone.

Gillen went to the High Court in a bid to overturn a ruling that he was not entitled to damages for the accident at a car park off Main Street in the village in January 2009.

A County Court judge had dismissed the personal injuries claim against a farmer brought by Gillen, whose last known address is at Thornhill Road, Pomeroy.

He appealed that decision, but during cross-examination yesterday he was accused of faking the whole incident.

Gillen was also ordered to pay the costs, estimated to be up to £10,000, for both hearings.

It emerged he was given an eight-month sentence in 2002 after being convicted of staging a road accident with a view to making a fraudulent claim.

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