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Bomb accused enters plea without a lawyer

The brother of an IRA woman shot dead by the SAS in Gibraltar in 1988 has pleaded not guilty to a terrorist charge in Belfast, even though he had no solicitor.

At Belfast Crown Court, 52-year-old Ciaran Anthony Farrell denied providing a car for the purposes of terrorism in February last year. Farrell, from Killeaton Park in Dunmurry, told the court that he has been unable to find a lawyer to represent him after his previous solicitor came off record in the heightening row over new legal aid rules.

Farrell was originally charged with causing an explosion at Newry Courthouse after a massive car bomb exploded in February 2010; during a bail application at the High Court, judges heard allegations that Farrell was either a member of the Real IRA or closely aligned to it.

Yesterday Farrell told the court that he had written to the Law Society and approached a number of lawyers but they didn't want to take the case.

“The circumstances are beyond my control” he said. But Farrell said he was anxious for his arraignment to go ahead as a date had been set for his trial in November.

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