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Bombers 'bring nothing but misery'

Pipe bombers who attacked the house of a loyalist representative are bringing nothing but misery to Northern Ireland, Stormont's Justice minister said.

The device detonated outside the home of Progressive Unionist Party member Ken Wilkinson in Antrim around 3.30am on Sunday.

The explosion smashed windows and caused other damage to the front of the property on the Milltown Road. No one was injured.

Police said a motive was still under investigation.

Justice Minister David Ford, who is also an Assembly member for South Antrim, said: "These attacks must end. They are achieving nothing except to bring disruption and misery to the streets of Antrim.

"The local population is extremely worried where the next in this series of pipe bomb attacks is going to happen.

"I am only glad that no one was injured in this attack. This must have been a very traumatic experience for those inside the house at the time of the attack."


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