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Boojum eaterie rapped over Easter advert

Mark Baxter has criticised the Boojum advertisement
Mark Baxter has criticised the Boojum advertisement
Mark Baxter
Mark Bain

by Mark Bain

A popular fast food chain has been criticised for a social media advert which depicts a resurrected Jesus Christ emerging from the tomb declaring "When the only thing worth rising for is a Boojum..."

The advert from the Mexican food outlet, with the headline in a meme-style, also uses the slogan 'There's only one cure for a two day sesh!'

The image of Jesus, with a photoshopped burrito in his hand, is illustrated with a speech bubble from his mouth saying: "Yeooo! Knew I smelled Boojum!"

The advert, posted on Twitter and Facebook, has been condemned.

A spokesperson for the Presbyterian Church in Ireland said: "For many in our country Christianity has little or no relevance.

"Yet for a significant number of people, faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is central to their lives.

"At Easter, with its focus on Christ's sacrificial death on the Cross and His resurrection from the grave, it is disappointing that some choose to implicitly mock what is dear to so many."

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Boojum, owned by Northern Ireland brothers David and Andrew Maxwell, has several stores in Belfast, including one at Victoria Square.

DUP councillor Mark Baxter said he would be making a complaint. "If this advert was mocking any other religion it would be top of the news, with the store in question facing a hate crime," he said.

"This is so offensive to so many people and I'll be making a complaint to Victoria Square, for what it's worth."

Boojum came under fire from its online followers with more than 1,000 mixed reactions, the majority criticising the advert.

Attempts to contact the business for comment last night were unsuccessful.

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