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Booze Control: Trading Standards launch crackdown on illegal alcohol

The Trading Standards Service has launched operation 'Booze Control' aimed at detecting the sale of counterfeit alcohol over the festive period.

Trading Standards Inspectors will visit pubs with equipment designed to detect fake alcohol.

Fake alcohol has been known to contain toxic substances such as methanol, more commonly used in antifreeze, drain cleaner and paint stripper.

This can damage internal organs and the nervous system, causing dizziness, blindness and in extreme cases even death.

A Trading Standards spokesman said: "With the possibility of large fines, imprisonment and a damaged reputation, selling counterfeit alcohol is a risk not worth taking.

"If you suspect that counterfeit alcohol is being offered for sale, Trading Standards Service encourage both consumers and traders to contact Consumerline on 0300 123 6262, or make an online report at"

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