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Booze-flavoured biscuits with your afternoon tea

The boozy biscuits come in three different flavours.

Boozy Biccies are the latest trend to hit the shelves, for those who fancy dunking a vodka-flavoured biscuit in their cup of tea.

The Northern Ireland-produced biscuits include Belfast Bolts, a malty beer-flavoured biscuit, Prosecco Knights and Vodka Bites.

Created by Iconic Biscuits using a “secret” cold fusion process, the alcohol is not cooked out in the manufacturing process, making them a strictly adults-only treat.

This year they have created the new range of boozy biscuits, which contain some 1.6% of alcohol, using local ingredients and suppliers.


A box of Boozy Biccies will cost £2.99 each.

Michael Thompson of Iconic Biscuits said: “I really wanted a product that was not just produced here, but genuinely reflected the aspects of Northern Ireland we know and love.

“A lot of research went into the brand, with the Mournes appearing in the logo and Belfast Bolts being a direct result of research into the shipyard.

“I have plans to expand both the range of flavours and the representation of iconic Northern Ireland aspects.”

The new brand is backed by a social media campaign across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, with plans for in-store tasting events across Northern Ireland.


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