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Boris Johnson's bid for an early election blocked after failing to secure majority

Boris Johnson (House of Commons/PA).
Boris Johnson (House of Commons/PA).

Boris Johnson's bid for a snap general election has been blocked after failing to secure a majority in the House of Commons.

His motion passed 298 ayes to 56 noes but a majority of two thirds or 434 votes was required to trigger an early election and bypass a law setting out that the next general election should not be carried out until 2022.

Without the support of Labour, he failed to reach the quota in his fourth big loss as prime minister.

The DUP voted with the government to try and trigger a general election and the Independent unionist Lady Hermon voted against it.

The defeat – less than two hours after MPs passed a bill to block a no-deal Brexit – plunges Mr Johnson into a deeper crisis, just six weeks after taking office.

Boris Johnson said that 48 hours ago, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn wanted to 'stop the coup' and let people vote.

"Now he is saying ‘stop the election and stop the people from voting’. I think he has become the first leader of the opposition in the democratic history of our country to refuse the invitation to an election," said Mr Johnson.

"I can only speculate as to the reasons behind his hesitation. The obvious conclusion I’m afraid is he does not think he will win."

An election could yet be granted for Boris Johnson's chosen date of 15 October if the bill becomes law by Tuesday, but Jeremy Corbyn is facing a growing a Labour revolt to delay it further.



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