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'Born again' Border Fox O'Hare conned me, admits Willie Frazer

Dessie O’Hare
Dessie O’Hare

By Staff Reporter

Protestant victims' campaigner Willie Frazer has revealed how he "feels conned" by notorious INLA killer Dessie O'Hare, who convinced him he had become a born again Christian.

Mr Frazer said he had shaken hands with O'Hare, who pleaded guilty on Monday to charges of assault and false imprisonment in Dublin.

He described O'Hare, known as the Border Fox and suspected of involvement in around 30 killings, as "a master of deception".

Mr Frazer said that a number of years ago he had heard O'Hare had turned his life around and was attending Christian fellowship meeting in the Armagh area.

He said he went along to one "seeking an honest conversation with O'Hare".

The two had discussed what brought them to faith, with O'Hare denouncing his terrorist past and Mr Frazer extending "the hand of Christian friendship".

But he now feels conned, proclaiming that Dessie O'Hare never was a man of God.

"Not only is O'Hare a hardened criminal, he is a convincing liar," he said.

"I've no doubt that many were conned by his profession of faith."

Mr Frazer, who said he went later to confront O'Hare, urged gardai to investigate O'Hare's former and current links with terrorism.

He added: "Trying to use God as a cover in the end will prove more devastating to him than any past activity."

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