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Boston College tapes: Decision delayed in loyalist Winkie Rea's fight to block police

By Alan Erwin

A former loyalist prisoner battling to stop police accessing his interviews with an American university project has been given two weeks to secure a final block.

Winston 'Winkie' Rea is seeking an emergency hearing before the European Court of Human Rights after exhausting all domestic options in his legal fight.

Counsel for the PSNI yesterday urged senior judges in Belfast to lift an injunction on them taking possession of the Boston College tapes.

But instead Rea's legal team were told they have a fortnight to secure a further interim prohibition as part of last-ditch efforts to stop detectives from listening in.

Adjourning the case until next month, Lord Justice Coghlin said: "That will be more than adequate for the Strasbourg Court to come to a decision on measures."

Police want to access the recordings as part of their investigations into paramilitary crimes from the 1970s to 1990s.

But Rea's lawyers argue that it would breach his right to privacy.

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