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Botched iron infusion left woman in pain and stained her skin

Case Study

A health trust apologised after a woman complained she had been left in pain following a hospital iron infusion procedure.

She also said she had been left with a large brown marking on the inside of her arm.

The woman said hospital staff monitored her for 24 hours as they thought she was having an adverse reaction to the infusion.

However, because she had read a patient information leaflet on the procedure, the woman believed that the side effects were probably a result of a mistake in the way it had been carried out.

She complained but, frustrated at the hospital's response and its failure to accept responsibility, brought her complaint to the Ombudsman.

The chief executive acknowledged that the staining which occurred was the result of iron leaking into the woman's body tissue. He also accepted this could only have happened if a thin tube, known as a cannula, had somehow become removed from the vein.

He admitted there had been an error in the way the procedure had been carried out.

He said that someone from the trust would meet with the woman to explain this and to apologise to her.

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