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Both women fought for their lives but onslaught too much

A post-mortem examination found that Kathy Dinsmore had 35 deep stab wounds across her body and that both her lungs and liver were punctured.

Marion Graham was stabbed 17 times during the attack in Izmir on August 18 this year.

Both women had multiple defence wounds to their hands, showing that they had desperately tried to defend themselves.

“Can you believe the pain the women would have felt to be stabbed that many times? We are talking about stabbing someone 35 times and another person 17 times. There would have been so much pain,” said lawyer Baris Kaska, who is prosecuting on behalf of the women’s families.

Mr Kaska told the Belfast Telegraph these murders were premeditated, brutal and cold-blooded.

“He (Cetin) had not taken alcohol or drugs. There were no psychiatric problems. He knew what he was doing. He had planned it, the brutality of it,” he said. “Where he took them, that is not a picnic area. You do not want to go there. It is where prostitutes go, it is where people drink.

“If you want to kill someone, you go there. Obviously they (Ms Graham and Ms Dinsmore) were unaware of the murder waiting for them,” Mr Kaska added.

The bodies of Ms Graham (54) and Ms Dinsmore (53) were discovered lying 35 metres apart in the wooded park where they had been murdered.

Mr Kaska said the positioning of the bodies suggests that Cetin stabbed one of the women first, then ran to the other and stabbed her, before returning to his first victim and continuing his attack.

He also believes that the women may have been trying to flee to a highway close to the park to try and raise the alarm.

The lawyer, who travelled to Northern Ireland this week to brief the families, said they may never know the truth as to why Cetin committed the murders.

Although he has admitted stabbing the women, he has given different reasons as to why.

Cetin originally told police that the women had been kidnapped and that he had injured himself trying to save them.

The following day he admitted stabbing them, saying they had killed his dreams of marrying Ms Graham’s daughter Shannon. He said he had been worried that Ms Graham was going to separate them.

However, Shannon has said he had not proposed to her and that they had never talked about marriage.

Cetin changed his statement again, saying that he stabbed the women in self-defence.

“He said he didn’t have any anger towards Marion before the incident. He said she had taken out a knife, wrapped up in her bag, and waved it at him, and his finger was cut,” Mr Kaska said.

“He said he had taken the knife from her and held it against her. He said he doesn’t remember how many times he hit her. He said Kathy had pulled his shirt and pulled him back, so he turned and stabbed her, but doesn’t know how many times.

“He is just saying this to try and save himself.”

The lawyer added: “We have no idea why he did it, maybe we never will. It is difficult to understand how this person could commit such a crime. I believe this crime was committed in a brutal sense. There was no alcohol, no drugs, no psychiatric problems. It was so cold-blooded.”

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