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Boxing Days sales: Why they came, what they bought, and their verdicts on deals they got

By Staff Reporter

Among the shoppers looking for a bargain across Belfast city centre were Rachel Laurens and her 11-year-old daughter Alisha.

"We were here to spend vouchers that we had got. I think we did really well for £100 in New Look," Rachel (36) said.

"We got jeans, a top, a bag and shoes. There was 50% off a lot of things, so you do feel you come away with a good bargain."

Brother and sister Ryan (21) and Rachel Hamilton (26) travelled from Carrickfergus.

"We didn't really have a budget, we just came in to exchange some things after Christmas. I spent money on what I liked - I didn't really come in for anything specific.

"I went to Lush and it was 50% off. I just got lots of bath bombs, things like that and gift sets. One was £37 and that was 50% off, so it was originally £75. That was great. I think the sales are still just as popular. We were in Abbey Centre in Newtownabbey and it was really packed there too."

Ryan added: "I still think preferences are for people to go online. It is easier, but there is still that traditional feeling of going out with the family to shop and have a look around yourself."

Tanya McCarry (22), a nurse from Belfast, wasn't looking for bargains at all. Instead she needed to make exchanges.

"I'm just in and spent £64 on make-up from a stall in CastleCourt. There was no discount. I don't really look for bargains.

"I'm actually coming in to exchange clothes from Superdry. I've no receipts, so I probably will just get it exchanged for the sale price. I don't like the sales, the queues, the hunting for things. I just want to get in and out as quickly as possible."

Robert Workman (21) from Ballymena went to Games Workshop in CastleCourt and picked up a rather large purchase - a gaming table.

"If you spend a certain amount of money, you get tokens. I spent so much over so many months I got 10 tokens, which got me this gaming table.

"I spent £200 on other things too, like boxsets. But this table is probably worth about £150, so if I technically deduct that from what I bought, I only spent £50."

Mary McKernan from Maghera was with her husband Martin in CastleCourt.

"I have so far spent about £25 on tops in River Island. I think it was about 25% off, so I think I've managed to get a good bargain."

Julie Davis was with her 11-year-old daughter Anna, who came to buy clothes from Jack Willis.

"I had Christmas money to spend; about £100. I got a sweater for £40, which was about £60 off. I think it was a good bargain," Anna said.

Julie also managed to get a good deal.

"I got a gift set in Lush for £12.50. It was worth £25, so it was well worth it."

Lush saw crowds spilling out of the shop all day. Sisters Shannon McClurnan (19) and sister Lucy (17) drove up from outside Ballymena to see what they could get.

"I spent about £90 but I got plenty for it," said Lucy. "I got two pairs of shoes from New Look a bag and a coat. There was about 50% off some of the lines.

"I think the discounts are great and it certainly has encouraged more people to come into town."

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