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Boy (9) battling cancer has Titanic wish granted in Belfast

By Cate McCurry

A nine-year-old boy who has been fighting cancer for over two years has been on a dream trip to Belfast.

Taylor Ward was diagnosed with Ewings sarcoma at the age of seven.

After months of intensive chemotherapy and radiotherapy and nearly a year in hospital, the Cheshire boy is now in maintenance treatment.

To rebuild Taylor’s hope, strength and confidence and make up for everything he missed out on, the family turned to children’s wish-granting charity, Make-A-Wish UK .

His one wish was to visit the Titanic Museum in Belfast - the birthplace of his favourite ship.

Taylor is hooked on the story of the iconic ship, so last month, Taylor’s Wishgranter, Becky, arranged for the whole family to enjoy a two-night stay at the Titanic Hotel in Belfast, a trip to the Titanic Museum, and VIP treatment throughout their stay.

When they arrived at the Titanic Hotel, staff had laid out a red carpet especially for Taylor, and presented him with his own 'Captain Taylor' embroidered robe, waistcoat and name badge.

Taylor enjoyed meeting the hotel chef and helping the bar staff to make drinks.

On the last day, after Taylor had mentioned his love of the emergency services, a fire engine, police car and riot van were all waiting to take Taylor for a ride.

As a final farewell, the staff presented Taylor with an 'Employee of the Month' certificate.

Taylor’s mum, Sam Randles, said: "Taylor's confidence grew on his wish – he became his own person again, laughing and joking with the hotel staff.

"After everything he's battled through, he is soaring now. He even collected donations for Make-A-Wish at his little brother’s christening the other week, raising £122.

“It's amazing to see him come out the other side. When you get a diagnosis like Ewings Sarcoma, you don’t know what the future holds, and there were moments when I thought life would never be normal for us again.

"This has showed us that's not true. This has been the best thing we have done throughout his whole treatment. Words can't describe how happy this wish has made us feel.”

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