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Boy eats his bedroom

A frantic mother-of-two is desperately trying to raise funds to create a safe bedroom environment for her five-year-old son who not only suffers from autism, but a rare eating disorder that sees him try to eat objects including window blinds, wallpaper and even wall plaster.

Little Zach Tahir has munched his way around his bedroom according to The Sun because of a condition known as pica disorder which sees him crave non-food substances including his blackout blinds, the stuffing of sleeping bags and wet cloths.

His mother, Rachel, 32 was denied funding to build a bedroom that would prevent Zach from giving in to his strange cravings.

She is currently trying to raise the finances herself to build surroundings that Zach can’t get his teeth into.

"Zach has no speech and little understanding of danger. It’s apparent as he gets older that he need one-one-one care as he’s so fast at getting what he wants,” said Rachel.

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