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Boy meets hero off-duty policewoman who saved his life at Ards shopping centre

By Claire Williamson

A little Northern Ireland boy has met his life-saving hero - the off-duty policewoman who came to his rescue as he was choking during a shopping trip with his mum.

The trip to Ards Shopping Centre earlier this month took a dramatic turn as Lynsey Hagan's son Lucas began choking.

The four-year-old turned pale as he struggled to breath while choking on a soft mint close to the entrance.

Mum Lynsey panicked and screamed for help and said despite first aid training - she froze.

But it was off-duty police officer, Constable Magill, that came forward and saved the little boy's life.

Lynsey had vowed at the time that she owed her life and her son's to the policewoman and would love to meet her to thank her in person.

And now that wish has come true as Lynsey and Lucas had a trip to Ards Police Station to meet their hero.

PSNI Ards said their meeting was "very moving" and both Lucas and his mum expressed their appreciation for Constable Magill's off duty life saving use of First Aid training.

Constable Magill said: "I only did what anyone else would have done."

PSNI Ards said: "We too are very proud of our colleagues life saving actions. Lucas also left with a little bag of goodies and got to play at being a Police Officer for a while. He liked it and is seriously considering being a Police Officer as one of his three career options.

"Another potential Life Saver in the making?"

Speaking previously mum Lynsey paid tribute to how calm Constable Magill was and said she was forever

"She was so calm. She put him over her knee and tried slapping his back and then she tried to get her arms around him to squeeze his stomach, but his knees kept buckling and it was tough to do.

"She called for an ambulance and I really feared the worst. I just knew that if we waited on an ambulance then he would be dead... But thankfully she managed to dislodge it."

"I owe her my life and my son's."

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