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Boyfriend told Millie Martin mother 'trust me', court hears

By Michael Donnelly

The man accused of murdering Millie Martin told her mother when he was arrested on suspicion of her rape: “Trust me.”

The trial of Barry McCarney, who denies killing the 15-month-old in December 2009, heard he was detained at Royal Victoria Hospital for Sick Children.

Millie was transferred there from the Erne Hospital in Enniskillen, where she had been taken by McCarney initially.

He was in the waiting room with Millie’s mother — his then partner Rachael Martin (27) — when a police officer approached McCarney (33) and told him he was under arrest for the sexual assault of Millie.

McCarney then turned to Martin — who denies wilfully neglecting and allowing the death of Millie — telling her: “Don’t listen to what he says. Trust me.”

McCarney told police that on the Wednesday before she died, Millie looked as if she had a really bad dose of flu, and that she was limp and had no energy.

Dungannon Crown Court again heard that although McCarney claimed he’d tried to act as a dad to Millie, he’d only looked after her once, for an hour, when she was in bed and her mum was shopping.

McCarney also told police that if Martin “scooted” down to the shop he would have watched her. He said that while he had two children of his own, he had never changed a nappy “because I don’t do none of that”.

The trial continues.

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