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Boy's fear as stolen car smashes through garden fence and comes to halt inches from house

By Lisa Smyth

A teenage boy has told how he feared for his life as a stolen car careered off the road and narrowly missed smashing through the front of his house.

Ciaran Turley (17) was watching television in the front room of his north Belfast home last night when the car careered off the Antrim Road and smashed through the garden fence.

It ploughed through metal railings before coming to a stop just inches from the living room window where Ciaran was sitting with his mother, Kathy.

Police are hunting the man who was behind the wheel of the silver Audi at the time of the crash, which they believe is linked to an earlier hijacking in the city centre when another car was stolen and crashed.

Ciaran said: "I was sitting watching television and my mum was on the settee in front of the window and the next thing I saw this car come flying through the fence towards the house.

"I just jumped up and grabbed my mum. She was screaming as well. For a split second I thought it was going to come through the wall. I thought it was going to kill us."

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