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Boyzone star Shane Lynch opens third Northern Ireland shoe unit outside Belfast

Businessman: Shane Lynch
Businessman: Shane Lynch
Emma Deighan

By Emma Deighan

Shane Lynch, one fifth of boy band Boyzone, will launch his third shoe store in Northern Ireland today.

The singer and businessman will open his footwear brand Amen at the Abbey Centre, creating five new jobs.

The store will stock a range of men's boots, brogues, dress and wedding shoes all in Italian leather and costing 70% less than competitor products, said the personality.

This is Shane's third Amen store. He has two other units - one in Ballymena and another in Randalstown.

The singer and former Celebrity Masterchef contestant attended an event to celebrate his new venture at The Chelsea on the Lisburn Road.

Talking to the Belfast Telegraph, Shane, who opened his first Amen store last autumn, said: "I didn't think the business would grow so fast but over the past 12 months but it has just taken off. I have good business partners from here so that's why I chose Northern Ireland as a location."

Speaking about his choice of sites, he added: "I could've opened in Belfast because it's the Mecca but I like to invest in smaller locations, and give back.

"I like Northern Ireland. I always find myself attracted to here and it's a great place to do business."

Shane, who is preparing for a final tour with Boyzone and will release, as part of the band, his last ever album, said his new store was ruffling the feathers of other footwear brands.

"I'm already receiving phone calls about the cost of our products. Our shoes retail for around £39.99 and the industry standard for similar shoes also made of Italian leather would be £150. I'm not going to sell them for that price when I know how much it costs to make them.

"For me it's about offering bargains. I never fell into that trap of buying designer clothing and I'm not high fashion. Anything I create, I always try to be the best at it for the least."

Boyzone's 25th Anniversary and Farewell Arena Tour commences in Belfast on January 23.

And in November the band will release their last album, Thank You & Goodnight.

Shane, a father of two, said he "felt good" about the final tour with his pals but said he may feel differently after the final performance.

"Ending it defines things for all of us. If we don't do it now we could end up doing this forever and be in the same position.

"This way we've made a decision and we can stick to it and have mental clarity of that ending."

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