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Brave neighbour used stick to beat dog that attacked girl (9)

Two dogs that savaged a nine-year-old-girl outside her home in Londonderry were due to be put down following the horrific attack.

Danielle McAllister was returning to her home at Gelvin Gardens in the Waterside after visiting her gran when she was set upon by the three-year-old bitch and her 10-month-old pup on Monday just feet from her front door.

Danielle was back in hospital yesterday being treated for the injuries to her arm which in the aftermath of the attack was so badly swollen and torn doctors could not stitch it.

Adam Boyle (17) owns the two dogs and his stepfather Craig Watson confirmed that the animals would be destroyed.

Only the fast actions of neighbours saved Danielle from even more horrific injuries from the dogs, that had escaped from their home in nearby Mountain View.

Agnes Webb was one of the neighbours and she described how she beat the dogs with brushes in a valiant attempt to get them off Danielle.

She said: “My daughter Olivia who is 15 came running in to the house screaming that Danielle was being attacked by two dogs.

“I immediately grabbed the floor brush and ran out and other neighbours were doing the same.

“The two dogs were on either side of Danielle with their paws around her waist – they were trying their best to eat her but one of them couldn't because her schoolbag was protecting her.

“We just started beating and beating at the dogs and this went on for what seemed like ages. But then the smaller one let go and some of us managed to tie it to my fence but at that stage it was in such a frenzy trying to get back at Danielle it actually bit clean through the rope it was tied with.

“Danielle got over to her mother who just had to watch in horror and eventually the owner of the dogs came up to the street and put chains on them and took them away.”

Mr Watson said: “We are just devastated and horrified by this. We will go and see the family later but we are waiting for the dogs to be collected.

“Adam has had the mother dog for three years and the other dog was her pup but it was just a fluke they were out at all.

“The dogs were in the kitchen and Adam opened the kitchen door to let them into the garden for a while but he didn’t realise the gate had been accidently left open and that was how they escaped.”

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