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Braving the waves for a charity dip

Kaitlyn Smyth, Mia and Lesley Little at Crawfordsburn
Kaitlyn Smyth, Mia and Lesley Little at Crawfordsburn
Swimmers race to the water

By Staff Reporter

Hundreds of hardy swimmers across Northern Ireland ushered in the start of 2019 by braving the freezing cold waters of the Irish Sea.

Shaking off the excesses of the festive season, people yesterday took the traditional annual dip into Co Antrim's Carnlough harbour and Crawfordsburn beach in Co Down.

As well as making a rather bracing start to the new year, for many swimmers it was all to raise money for worthy causes.

Charities benefited at both locations - Cancer Focus NI was at Crawsfordburn, and swimmers at Carnlough raised funds for spina bifida and hydrocephalus organisations.

Some chose to inject fun into the chilly event by wearing hula skirts and Santa hats and wigs.

Other brave individuals took the plunge in beachwear designed for warmer climes while some donned woolly hats.

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