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Brazilians in Northern Ireland watch World Cup dream become a nightmare

By Claire Williamson

As heartbroken Brazilians watched their national team suffer one of the most humiliating defeats in World Cup history, fellow countryman Alex Sandham, one of the owners of Belfast restaurant BenBrazil, tells how he shared their pain thousands of miles away in Northern Ireland

"I am sad to talk about this. Football is a very big thing for us and we are very passionate about it. This result against Germany looks like we are new to football.

"It was very disappointing to watch because within 20 minutes there were so many goals.

"The problem on Tuesday night seemed to be the Brazilians weren't mentally prepared. Two good players were off and it looked like, to me, that they were not ready for that match.

"It was painful to watch. If it had been two or three goals that would be fine, but every few minutes there was another goal against Brazil.

"Every village in Brazil has football facilities, everybody plays football there – it's the biggest sport in the country. The result just doesn't match up to what we do.

"We are very proud because Brazil is hosting the finals, but the only thing that has disappointed us was that semi-final performance on the field. I didn't cry myself but I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

"We were all shocked at what was happening.

"Because Brazil is the host, we were very confident that we would win the World Cup, but Germany ruined everything.

"There is nothing wrong with our players, they just weren't prepared mentally. We will still watch the final but we are so sad that Brazil won't be there.

"We don't want to watch television anymore to see the sad faces. It is heartbreaking. We look like countries that don't play football that much.

"After the game I spoke to friends and family members and they are not happy. Nobody wants to talk about the football.

"We will recover and Brazil will do well in the future. We will learn a lesson.

"The semi-final was a big mistake but we will be better in the future... definitely."

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