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Breast cancer mum Laura Aulton urges public to back charity's Woolly Walk

Laura Aulton from Newtownards with her children Cameron and Chloe
Laura Aulton from Newtownards with her children Cameron and Chloe
Claire Williamson

By Claire Williamson

A mum diagnosed with breast cancer is calling on the public to join the Cancer Fund for Children's annual Winter Woolly Walk.

Mother-of-two Laura Aulton, who was diagnosed in March last year, is taking part in the event in Tollymore Forest Park on February 29 to give back to the charity that supported kids Cameron (13) and Chloe (10).

The 36-year-old was in a state of shock after she was told she had breast cancer, but her first thoughts were for her children and how the news would affect them.

"When I was diagnosed in March last year, I was in complete shock and I was scared," Laura said.

"I was just a girl going about her normal day between work and running around like every mum does after her kids.

"When I heard I had breast cancer, my first thought was for my children - how this would affect them and what was next for us as a family?"

Laura was worried how her children would react, but the hardest part for them was learning their mum would lose her hair.

"Cameron and Chloe heard about my diagnosis after I had my operation," she said.

"I didn't want them to worry until I knew the outcome and what my treatment would be.

"They both took it okay, apart from when they found out that their mummy would lose her hair. That was the hardest part for them, especially Chloe, but they soon came around to it.

"They knew their mummy would still be mummy, just with no hair for a while and that it would grow back.

"Cameron and Chloe were such a support to me throughout my treatment. They helped around the house and are two amazing kids for dealing with this so well."

Laura finished her chemotherapy treatment in August and radiotherapy in October.

Throughout her ordeal, the Cancer Fund for Children provided the family with practical and emotional support, as well as free short breaks at its therapeutic facility in Newcastle, Co Down.

"Our short break in Daisy Lodge enabled us to have some fun family time away from hospital trips and treatment," Laura said.

"We could just enjoy family time together and make memories.

"The charity also helped my two children immensely through their residential group work programme.

"Cameron and Chloe got to see that it's okay to get upset and it's okay to feel sad or angry.

"The charity taught them how to deal with these emotions and helped them to be happy again.

"They met other children going through the exact same thing as them, so they didn't feel alone."

For more information on the Cancer Fund for Children's annual Winter Woolly Walk, visit or call 028 9080 5599

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