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Brexit impact on fishing to be probed by MPs

The impact of Brexit on fishing is to be examined by the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee of MPs.

The industry is largely regulated by the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP).

As well as leaving the CFP, the UK Government has announced its withdrawal from the London Fisheries Convention, which established fishing rights in coastal waters of Western Europe.

The inquiry will look at the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for the sector.

It will consider which parts of EU fisheries policy should be replicated when the UK Government develops an independent policy as well as strategies to improve.

Committee chairman Andrew Murrison said: " There are real opportunities for growth but we must fully understand the complexities in order to secure the right arrangements for Northern Ireland principally but also to do the right thing by the Republic of Ireland as an enduring member of the EU.

"We want to hear from those who work at sea, in processing or any of the other support industries, about their hopes and fears for the future.

"We have set up an internet forum where you can share your experiences, so please take a moment to give us your views."

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