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Brexit impact on Northern Ireland music scene under spotlight

The impact of Brexit on the funding of Northern Ireland's musical scene is to be discussed at a special event in Belfast this week.

Figures from the Musicians' Union and the British Council will speak at the gathering at the Oh Yeah Music Centre on Thursday afternoon.

Other key talks will discuss the campaign to preserve small venues, licensing laws and links with other great gigging cities such as Berlin.

Charlotte Dryden, chief executive officer of Oh Yeah, said: "Oh Yeah felt it important to continue the conversation on the issues affecting not only the music industry but also the wider infrastructure for music and the scene.

"One of the key panels on the day involves Brexit and what it means for musicians. It should be a very interesting afternoon and an important discussion."

It is part of the Sound of Belfast festival which is focusing on the city's musical present, past and future.

Small and grassroots venues are the lifeblood of many music scenes and can play a crucial role in nurturing local talent. A panel will explore ways of improving, protecting and securing these venues' long-term future.


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