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'Brian' jailed for uproar in court

By Lesley Houston

A man has been jailed for 28 days for "misbehaving" after refusing to recognise a court's authority.

The man (46), who described himself as "Brian, a sovereign man", appeared on Ards Magistrates Court list as Brian Porter of Ravara Road, Ballygowan.

Representing himself while facing a charge of driving without insurance, he said he was not Brian Porter, describing himself as the "beneficiary" of a trust in a name inaudible or queried by the court.

"I am Brian, a sovereign man and am beneficiary of the (inaudible) trust," he said.

The judge also warned he would "clear the court" if people in the public gallery didn't stop laughing.

Mr Perry eventually lost patience: "I'm holding you in contempt for misbehaving in court: take him to the cells," he told the court guards.

"There's something in the water today," added the judge.

After 'Brian' rejected the option of taking up legal representation, he was sentenced to 28 days in jail for misbehaving, was convicted of driving without insurance on February 19, was banned for three months and fined £300.

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