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Brian Kennedy won’t kiss and tell over rugby star fling rumour

Northern Ireland singer Brian Kennedy has refused to be drawn on rumours he had a fling with an international rugby star.

Belfast-born Kennedy is often called upon to perform alternative anthem Ireland’s Call in front of 50,000 fans at Ireland games.

Recently allegations that he hooked up with a player have been circulating throughout the game.

When asked about the speculation, Kennedy replied: ”Oh dear. I can’t confirm or deny.”

Kennedy — who has just completed his autobiography — did admit he has a soft spot for sporty types though.

“What I like in a guy is old-school masculinity,” he said.

“I certainly would be very attracted to an alpha-male guy.

“The bigger and stronger the better.

“I sometimes meet gentlemen who are at the top of what they do from a sports point of view,” he added.

“All you need to know is that they are some of the finest men on the planet.

“I’m friendly with some of them. And some from the other teams.

“I lived in England for a long time so I got to know one or two over there too.”

Kennedy is currently involved in a relationship. And he claimed the star he is accused of having a fling with is “200% heterosexual”.

Describing the worst part of fame, he said: “Without naming names, being accused of having an affair with someone I absolutely did not have an affair with.

“The funniest part of all — and of course now I can see the light side of it — is given the type of gentlemen I’m attracted to, he’s not my type.

“Not now, not ever.

“Also he’s 200% heterosexual.”

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