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Bridge from Northern Ireland to Scotland is a serious idea, says professor

An artists impression of the bridge between Northern Ireland and Scotland / Credit: Google Maps
An artists impression of the bridge between Northern Ireland and Scotland / Credit: Google Maps

By Michael Sheils McNamee

One of the UK's leading architects has called for a feasibility study to be carried out into building a bridge between Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Speaking at a conference at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen on Wednesday, Professor Alan Dunlop said he wanted the governments of Scotland, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland to take the idea seriously.

"The conference was about borders and that was a kind of general theme," Professor Dunlop told the Belfast Telegraph.

"I have done quite a bit of work looking at major infrastructure projects worldwide and I think on that basis there is a justifiable case about whether it is economically viable. It definitely can be done economically.

"There is concern about the cost of the project, but you know what they say you can have three economists you’d have four conclusions. 

"There are opinions either way about whether it can stack up or not."

At the conference Professor Dunlop also released the first artist impression of what the bridge might look like.

The catalyst for the proposed bridge between Scotland and Northern Ireland came from a speech made by Boris Johnson in January 2018 while he was the Foreign Secretary, in which he floated the idea of a 22-mile bridge across the English Channel to France - something he said would improve transport links after Brexit.

Professor Dunlop said the proposal wasn't feasible as the stretch between the United Kingdom and France is one of the busiest shipping channels in the world, but was asked shortly afterwards by Scottish newspaper The National if a similar project between Scotland and Northern Ireland was a possibility.

He laid out two proposals for the route - one from Larne and Portpatrick (potentially costing around £20bn) or a crossing between the Mull of Kintyrne and Torr Head (potentially costing between £12bn and £15bn).

"One haulier I was speaking to was making dozens of trips across from Northern Ireland to Scotland every year and the cost of that was £600 each time. So when you take personalised stories like this you can see how the financial benefit would add up," Professor Dunlop said.

The proposal received a boost in March after a spokesman for the Scottish Government said it would "initiate discussions to explore improving connectivity" between the island of Ireland and Scotland, adding it was important "that all options are fully considered"

DUP leader Arlene Foster and MP Sammy Wilson have both previously voiced their support for the project. 

The idea was also supported by former Foreign Secretary, who has called for it to be considered "seriously". 

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