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Britain's Got Talent posters removed by Belfast council after Union flag complaints from staff

Britain's Got Talent posters have been binned by Belfast council
Britain's Got Talent posters have been binned by Belfast council
Belfast City Hall (Paul Faith/PA)
Mark Edwards

By Mark Edwards

A row has broken out after Belfast City Council removed Britain's Got Talent posters because it features a Union flag.

The poster has been removed from council premises after concerns were raised by council employees that it contravenes the local authority's policy of providing a "good and harmonious" workplace.

Loyalist blogger Jamie Bryson, who has published a leaked email that shows a council officer telling staff across the council's community centres to remove the posters advertising BGT auditions in Belfast, said the move shows the council has an "anti-British ethos".

Mr Bryson, speaking on the Nolan Show, said: "I think it is just another appalling example of what I would say is the increasingly anti-British ethos embedded within Belfast City Council.

"It raises a number of questions that I think we need to have answered today. We need to hear from the chief executive of Belfast City Council."

Mr Bryson added that the BGT auditions would bring much needed investment into Belfast and would bring many tourists into the stricken city centre following the Bank Buildings Fire.

Loyalist blogger Jamie Bryson

In a statement, Belfast City Council said it had a duty to "promote a harmonious fair and safe working environment" for its staff.

"We try to encourage employees to adhere to these guidelines at all times," the spokesperson said.

"Following some concerns raised by a number of staff an email was issued asking the posters in question not be displayed.

"While the intention was to be responsive to those staff concerns, we recognise this has caused upset to others.

"Additionally we understand that BGT is a television show watched and enjoyed by millions and we would not wish to inadvertently undermine the advertisement and presence of such a well-known TV show in our city.

"Dealing with these types of issues in the workplace can be sensitive- we endeavour to take all views into consideration.

"We will be reviewing the circumstances surrounding this incident and seeking to ensure our policies and the implementation are consistent with best practice and advice."

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