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'Broke City' Derry concerned with name of BBC documentary

Derry City Council has expressed concern at the name of forthcoming BBC documentary on the economic issues facing the city.

This Sunday Radio Ulster is to broadcast 'Broke City' which looks at why Northern Ireland's second city is "consistently at the bottom of the table on measurements like unemployment, incomes and investment".

BBC News NI's business editor, John Campbell, investigates the possible reasons for this in the documentary.

However, on Friday he revealed the city council had expressed concern over the name.

In a letter he posted on Twitter, the council said that while it welcomed the BBC highlighting issues around lack of investment and were confident it would be "well-balanced," they "had real and serious concerns over the title of the programme" and asked for the broadcaster to reconsider the title.

"We are disappointed the BBC would choose to use the term 'Broke City,'" it said.

"And have serious concerns the impact it could potentially have on the really positive work we are doing to attract and retain investment."

Mr Campbell said in a tweet: "Derry City Council are getting into the documentary naming game.

"It's 100% ridiculous," he added.

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