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Brokenshire to brief George Mitchell and top Congress officials during visit to US

By Noel McAdam

Secretary of State James Brokenshire is to meet former Senator George Mitchell in New York today.

Mr Brokenshire will be meeting the Good Friday Agreement negotiator and having lunch with a number of senior Irish-Americans figures on day two of his trip to the United States.

But the Northern Ireland Office made clear that Mr Brokenshire was not on the hunt for a new figure who could take over the stalled Stormont negotiations in the autumn.

In Washington yesterday Mr Brokenshire met Conrad Tribble of the State Department and the Vice-President's national security adviser, Andrea Thompson.

The short trip has three main themes - the current political impasse, the need for foreign investment into Northern Ireland and Brexit.

Mr Brokenshire begins day two of his trip with a round-table session of the US Chamber of Commerce, and will then meet some members of Congress in Washington before heading to New York.

He said it was "regrettable" his visit was taking place "against a backdrop of political stalemate" but also described it as a "timely opportunity to brief members of the US administration, who throughout history have done so much to support our efforts in moving forward the political process, on the current situation".

"I also want to reassure them that the UK Government is determined to see devolved, power-sharing government restored," he added.

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