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Bronagh Waugh defends ex-EastEnders actress Katie Jarvis over job at B&M Bargains

Bronagh Waugh
Bronagh Waugh

By David O'Dornan

Bronagh Waugh has leapt to the defence of fellow actress Katie Jarvis, after national newspapers reported she is working as a security guard in B&M Bargains months after leaving EastEnders.

Coleraine-born Bronagh revealed she too has taken jobs to make ends meet in between roles and she joined a number of thespians who were critical of the articles in the Star Sunday and Sunday Mirror.

Bronagh (37) said: "Since leaving Hollyoaks I have had some amazing TV and film gigs but I've also had loads of times of being out of 'work' so have worked as a nanny, a cleaner, and a teacher and I am proud of every single one of those jobs.

"I don't know her but Katie Jarvis seems like a BOSS who's providing & putting food on the table for her wains.

"It's the reality of being a jobbing, working actor. No shame in it at all. Sidenote: we're playing real people with real experiences so having other jobs actually often helps inform how we approach certain roles. It's called life experience."

Bronagh has since won roles in hit TV series like The Fall, Unforgotten and Derry Girls as well as appearing with Fleabag and Sherlock star Andrew Scott in new movie Steel Country.

Fellow former Hollyoaks actresses Cassie Powney and Nathalie Emmanuel also defended mother-of-two Katie, who played Hayley Slater in EastEnders up until February this year.

Nathalie, who went on to star as  Missandei in Game of Thrones, said: "I worked in retail... unfortunately people really love to see (what they perceive) as someone’s downfall.

"I was quite regularly teased by customers or experience them enjoying bossing me around... but I got my payslip every month and I paid my bills whilst forming a thick skin and an iron will."

BBC Radio Ulster's Talkback host William Crawley added his condemnation by tweeting: "Stop trying to shame a woman for getting a job to feed her family. It’s not journalism."

Katie Jarvis
Katie Jarvis

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