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Browned-off Larne given new Christmas tree

By Allan Preston

Council officials have dashed to replace Larne's Christmas tree after enraged locals complained the town's forlorn-looking original was an "embarrassment".

DUP councillor Paul Reid posted a picture of the offending festive tree, been erected in the Broadway part of the Co Antrim town.

Showing how seriously some in the town were taking the issue, one resident joked: "People say America is in crisis with Trump - try dealing with Larne's Christmas Tree."

The middle section of the tree could be seen to have faded to an unsightly brown, with multiple broken branches.

"There were a number of constituents who raised an issue with me," said Mr Reid.

"Many of them were very annoyed with the standard of the tree compared to previous years.

"At the centre of it, there seemed to be broken branches - not in keeping with what we've had in Larne."

Despite the outrage, Mr Reid was pleased to report that the matter was quickly dealt with.

"I have to give credit where it's due -once I informed the council officers, they immediately responded and got the tree replaced," he said.

"Our Christmas tree switch-on is planned for Friday with our Mayor, so the new tree is there to celebrate the birth of our saviour."

A spokesman for Mid and East Antrim Borough Council said they had "responded to concerns about the condition of the recently erected Christmas tree in Larne". Council officers have carried out an inspection and as a result it has been replaced," a spokesman added.

Larne residents took to social media to voice their relief. "Thank goodness, because it was an embarrassment," one said.

Another added: "It beggars belief someone thought that was an acceptable tree."

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