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Bullets sent to couple as part of blackmail plot, court told

Bullets were sent in the post to a businessman and his wife as part of an alleged £10,000 blackmail plot, the High Court has heard.

During a series of threatening phone calls, the man, who is from mid-Ulster, was also warned his children would be targeted if the money was not handed over. Four men, including a long-term employee of the alleged victim, have been charged with involvement in the conspiracy following a police investigation.

Details emerged as another suspect, Gary Fulton, was refused bail due to the risk of any attempted intimidation or interference with the inquiry.

The 38-year-old, of Timakeel Lodge, Portadown, faces a charge of blackmail.

He was arrested along with his co-accused following a police swoop on premises in the town last month.

The alleged offences stretched back to February 22 when the alleged victim, identified only as Witness A, and his wife received separate letters to their home and business addresses, the court was told.

Crown counsel Fiona O'Kane said each letter contained a 9mm bullet.

Mrs O'Kane said that in one of a series of threatening calls Witness A was given two days to come up with the money.

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