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Burglar steals phone from bedside as cancer patient sleeps

A cancer patient whose home was burgled said she was terrified when she realised the thief had actually been in her bedroom and had snatched her phone as she slept.

Rose McCafferty (59), who was diagnosed with cancer in Easter this year, woke from her sleep in the early hours of morning and quickly realised her home had been invaded.

As well as her possessions, Rose said she has been robbed of something much more precious – her peace of mind and sense of security.

Her home in the Creggan area of Londonderry was one of three targeted there last weekend.

She said: "It is only now, days later, that the real impact of this is hitting me and worst of all is the realisation that he was in my bedroom, probable standing looking at me asleep while he stole my phone.

"Right now I am in the middle of treatment for cancer so my phone is my lifeline.

"I woke to go to the bathroom and as soon as I went into the hall and saw the spare bedroom door was open I knew someone had been in my home.

"I looked into the kitchen and saw my purse lying on the table opened, the cupboard doors were left open too and I was really scared.

"I just wanted out so I turned back into my bedroom to phone my son and that was when I noticed my phone was missing.

"I somehow managed to get dressed and walked to my son's house which is only five minutes away, but I walk with a stick and when you are terrified and weakened that five-minute walk is like a marathon." Police said they were confident they would capture those responsible.

Rose said: "I have spent eight incredibly happy years in this house."

She added: "I felt safe and secure but he robbed me of that feeling and that is far worse than any material goods he may have taken.

"But I will not let him make a victim out of me."

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