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Burglar who argued with his own reflection outside cobbler's is jailed

A teenage burglar who broke into a shop after arguing with his own reflection in the window has been jailed for five months.

Belfast Crown Court heard that 19-year-old Gary O'Hara was so high on mephedrone that he was hallucinating and thought he saw someone inside Botanic Shoe Repair.

Prosecuting lawyer Philip Henry told the court that just after midnight on May 7 this year police received a report of an intruder inside the south Belfast premises, and after surrounding the area sent in the police dog which “retrieved him from the building”.

O'Hara was later taken to hospital as he sustained a “relatively serious leg wound” but he refused treatment.

The lawyer said that at the scene police observed that O'Hara was at times coherent but at other times, was “rambling incoherently” and appeared to be “under the influence of some illicit substance”.

Defence lawyer Paul McAlinden said it was a “rather bizarre feature” of the case in that he was stood at the shop window talking to himself and “really went in to have an argument with himself”.

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