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Burglars target garden sheds

Police in north Belfast have reported an increase in thefts from garden sheds and garages.

Many of these incidents involve the theft of bicycles, sporting goods, gardening equipment and power tools.

Householder are advised to ensure that rear garden fences are high enough to make climbing over difficult, consider adding a section of trellis to increase the height.

They are also urged to move the position of side gates towards the front of the house, increasing natural surveillance to deter intrusion and ensure these gates are kept locked at all times; fit well positioned external lighting to effectively illuminate the area of your shed or garden; keep their shed/garage in good condition; and to fit a closed shackle padlock to the door ensuring that any screw or bolt heads securing the hasp can not be removed. Fitting grills or mesh to the windows is recommended.

Homeowners should also consider chaining large items such as bicycles, lawnmowers etc together and attached to an immovable securing point.

Marking your property with house number and postcode will make it less attractive to the thief to steal and may assist police in returning it.

Belfast Telegraph