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Burning of Sinn Fein posters 'is voodoo, not culture'


Brenda Chivers

Brenda Chivers

Brenda Chivers

Loyalists burning election posters of nationalists on bonfires is comparable to voodoo, a Sinn Fein councillor has said.

Tensions between the two communities in Limavady are mounting ahead of tomorrow's Twelfth celebrations after anti-Catholic banners and election posters were placed on a bonfire.

A huge placard emblazoned with 'KAT' (Kill All Taigs) had been placed on the bonfire at Anderson's Crescent along with election posters of Sinn Fein councillors Brenda Chivers and Rory Donaghey, and the SDLP's Alex Attwood.

Police later said the posters had been removed.

Ms Chivers said: "It is a frightening thing to see a photograph of yourself on a bonfire knowing that it when it burns the people there will be cheering and singing sectarian songs.

"It is like something you would connect with voodoo rather than a supposedly celebration of someone's culture."

She also said the centre of the town was full of flags, among them flags of the terrorist UDA and UFF, which does not send out a message that both communities are welcome.

Aaron Callan, an Ulster Unionist councillor and Orangeman, said: "The Orange Order did not erect these flags and as a member of the Orange Institution I can categorically state that the Orange Order does not in any way support paramilitary organisations."

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