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Bushmills Whiskey could be set to buy Michelin Ballymena site

Bushmills Whiskey could snap up the Michelin tyre factory site in Ballymena, which is due to close in 2018.

A spokesperson confirmed it has explored acquiring the site.

Michelin told the BBC it had been contacted, but pointed out production will continue in Ballymena for another two-and-a-half years.

The closure of the tyre factory will result in the loss of 860 jobs.

Michelin said it is "running down" the truck tyre factory ahead of eventual closure in mid-2018. The move is part of a restructuring plan that will see investment in its facilities in Dundee and Stoke on Trent.

Union bosses warned that 500 contractors who work with Michelin will also be affected, with many other local businesses whose trade relies on the plant.

The Michelin factory in Ballymena opened in 1969. Jose Cuervo bought Bushmills Whiskey from Diageo in 2014.


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