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Business as usual, burgled MLA Maurice Morrow vows

By Claire Harrison

The DUP's Maurice Morrow has vowed it will be business as usual at his constituency office after it was broken into and ransacked.

Lord Morrow, an MLA for Fermanagh and South Tyrone, said his Dungannon office was extensively damaged when burglars gained access after smashing a rear window in the early hours of yesterday.

Several items, including a television, were stolen and the kitchen was deliberately flooded.

Lord Morrow said: “They rampaged through files, they scattered them all over the place, they removed equipment from the office, it's gone.

“They also then went into the kitchen area. It was flooded in eight to 10 inches of water.

“Pipes were ripped from the plumbing.

“I was on my way to Stormont when staff informed me there had been a burglary.

“It’s only when you look at the destruction caused by thugs that it really comes home to you what people are having to endure day and daily at the hands of malcontents.”

The politician said he had no idea why his constituency office was targeted.

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