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Busted: Police slap cuffs on red-suited gentleman on Christmas Eve

Police in Londonderry arrest Santa Claus / Credit: PSNI Foyle
Police in Londonderry arrest Santa Claus / Credit: PSNI Foyle

Police in Londonderry have intervened to arrest a certain a red-suited gentleman sporting a more salt than pepper beard just hours ahead of Christmas.

However, going by the bundles of presents in living rooms across the country this morning, it may be safe to assume he was granted police bail in time to saddle up the reindeers.

Posting on its Facebook page, a spokesperson for PSNI Foyle announced it had taken Santa Claus into custody.

The post goes onto list off the various crimes he has committed over the past two millenia.

It reads: "He’s been unlawfully at large for around 1,700 years for a number of offences:

1. Burglary (entering as trespasser & stealing Mince Pies)

2. Drunk In Charge (we know he’s always hitting the Poteen, Brandy, Whiskey, Mulled Wine, Buckfast)

3. No Insurance (even he can’t pretend to have Traders Insurance)

4. Flying in Restricted Airspace

5. Immigration Offences (Where’s his Passport!)

6. Data Protection Breaches (how else could he know I was on the Naughty List)

Either way, shows over folks . . . nothing to see here. Santa’s reign of Terror is over #SantaInChains #PSNIGrinch #BallyarnettNPT #CouldHeMakeBail"

Elsewhere, PSNI Craigavon shared the tale of PD Mike (that's 'Police Dog' to the uninitiated) keeping guard and making sure the "spate of activity" didn't reach the house he was staying in.

The spokesperson for PSNI Craigavon also encouraged the public to look out for their neighbours.

"We'll be here if you need us," they wrote.

"Be good, be safe, and if you know or suspect a neighbour is on their own, make that your mission for the day - find them, spend some time with them, spread some festive hope."

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