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Busted! PSNI officer 'transferred to Craigavon' for having faulty brake light

The PSNI has asked drivers to take a few minutes to check their brake lights after a police car in Larne was spotted with a defective light.

A member of the public spotted the car driving with the faulty brake light and sent a picture into the PSNI Larne Facebook page.

A PSNI spokesperson posting on the page defended their colleague.

"Now before some of you jump on the naughty police officer bandwagon demanding the driver be prosecuted just like all of you would be in the same situation, just remember that there are lots of coppers like me out there, who understand that people can make mistakes and equipment can fail," the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson said drivers should check their lights and admitted police officers sometimes give drivers the benefit of the doubt.

"Take a few minutes to check your vehicles lights. Bulbs break and fuses blow, so despite your best care and attention things can unexpectedly go wrong. We don’t always give out tickets for these minor offences, in fact I much prefer to make someone aware of the issue and give them a chance to get it fixed," the spokesperson said.

A harsh fate was handed down to the police officer who had the faulty brake light.

"The inspector suggested giving them good old fashioned lines to write. That was frowned upon, so we just transferred them to Craigavon instead, that will teach them," the spokesperson joked.

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