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By-law caught in DoE red tape for seven years


A by-law aimed at protecting seals and seabirds on a beach has finally gone out for public consultation after being bogged down in red tape for seven years.

Wildlife at Minerstown beach on the Lecale coast, Co Down, is being decimated by quad bikes, dogs, pony racing and jet skis.

Councillor Cadogan Enright welcomed news that the Department of Environment had finally given the go-ahead for the bye-law to go to public consultation.

He said: "The Department of the Environment spawned literally hundreds of pieces of correspondence relating to bye-laws in a disgraceful exhibition of bureaucratic nonsense that repeatedly delayed this welcome change by over seven years."

But a DoE spokesman said: "Bye-law applications require careful consideration to ensure the protection of the council and the department from legal challenge. It is therefore imperative that these are right. If we get a bye-law application that doesn't stand up, saying 'no' is not bureaucratic, it's us doing our job right.

"By their nature they take time to formulate as they must be clear, consistent and not conflict with any existing legislation."

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