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Cabin crew member is hurt after severe turbulence on flight to Belfast City Airport

By Claire Williamson

An air stewardess was injured after she was knocked off her feet during severe turbulence on a flight to Belfast City Airport.

The incident happened on a Dash 8 aircraft during a scheduled journey from Birmingham in February with 71 passengers on board.

A report by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) said the aircraft was near the Isle of Man when there was a sudden onset of "severe turbulence."

The airspeed increased rapidly, the autopilot disconnected and the aircraft began to climb.

The co-pilot, who was in charge at the time, assumed manual control and after 25 seconds re-engaged the autopilot.

An AAIB report said: "In the cabin, one of the crew members was thrown off her feet and sustained serious injuries.

"She was given medical assistance by a doctor who was travelling as a passenger and transferred to hospital after landing at Belfast. One passenger suffered a minor injury."

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