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Call for action on ‘dangerous’ bend

by Natalie Irvine

The junction of a busy rush-hour commuting route heading out of the city has been described by a local resident as as “an accident waiting to happen”.

Samuel Egerton, a former east Belfast councillor has raised concerns over the junction where MiddlePath Street meets the Newtownards Road.

Mr Egerton said: “There are two lanes in the turn from Middlepath Road onto the Newtownards Road, and it’s impossible as far as I can see for a bus and car to take the turn together.

“I have seen cars and buses running the gauntlet on this part of the road, and a few times I have witnessed very near misses, with one of the drivers putting on their brakes at the very last minute.

“I don’t believe two cars can even take that corner together without one stopping short, it’s happened to me many times.

“Some drivers who know about it, speed up to see who takes the corner first, it’s like a chicken run.

“There are no road signs forewarning drivers of this tight bend, I feel it’s an accident waiting to happen.

“I have driven professionally for 30 years around the city as a taxi driver and so I feel I know and understand the roads quite well around the city — I would say this would be one of the most dangerous sections of the road I know.”

A spokesperson from the DRD Road Service said the road layout had been designed to maximise traffic progression for vehicles entering the |Newtownards Road.

“Observations at the junction have indicated that whilst road width is restricted, car drivers occupying both traffic lanes can complete their manoeuvre into Newtownards Road, while drivers of larger vehicles generally undertake the movement in a staggered formation to take account of the road layout.”

They added: “There are no plans to alter the present junction layout."

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