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Call for Northern Ireland football team commemorative centenary shirt - can you design one?


Councillor Alan Lewis is a proud member of the Green and White Army.

Councillor Alan Lewis is a proud member of the Green and White Army.

Councillor Alan Lewis is a proud member of the Green and White Army.

An Ulster Unionist councillor has urged the Irish FA to create a commemorative Northern Ireland shirt to mark the centenary of the nation.

Newry, Mourne and Down councillor Alan Lewis wrote to IFA chief executive Patrick Nelson asking him to give due consideration to the idea.

He suggested that the one-off shirt could be worn during Northern Ireland’s World Cup qualifier against Bulgaria at Windsor Park on Wednesday, March 31.

The Green and White Army’s current kit is produced by Adidas and any additional shirts could prove costly to produce.

“As a Northern Ireland fan, I would like to see our national team involved in the celebrations around the centenary of our wee country,” councillor Lewis wrote in his letter to Mr Nelson.

“I am enquiring if IFA have any plans to mark the centenary? I have also suggested a commemorative shirt as a celebration of this momentous event.”

Have you an idea of a design for a commemorative shirt? Send it to digital.editorial@belfasttelegraph.co.uk

Councillor Lewis felt that given the size of Northern Ireland, the country punches “well above our weight” on the international stage.

He highlighted memorable moments in the country’s footballing history such as beating Spain at the 1982 World Cup, defeating England 1-0 in Belfast in 2005 and qualifying for the European Championships in 2016.

“These supporting achievements have united and rallied our differing communities in support and celebration behind our team,” continued the councillor.

“The Irish Football Association have a wonderful opportunity to positively engage in these historic celebrations, harnessing the energy and enthusiasm of our world famous Green and White Army.

“I sincerely hope the IFA have plans to mark this significant milestone.”

He added that the centenary celebrations should be open and inclusive, and an opportunity to promote the absolute best of Northern Ireland.

“How great would it be to have our team at the centre of those celebrations?” Councillor Lewis asked.

“With our best foot forward we could proudly display our country’s centenary, while giving the fans the opportunity to take part and purchase this historic memento which represents one hundred years of Northern Ireland.”

The Irish FA have been asked for a response.

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